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Better Moments Bulgaria - Small Group Guided Tours


Девин in Bulgarian

A town (population ca. 7400) in the far south of Bulgaria close to the Greek border. The town is located in the Smolyan Province, right in the middle of the beautiful Rhodope mountains. Devin is on an elevation of 715 meters high, and located in the valley of the Vacha River. Close by to Devin is the popular skiing resort Pamporovo, around 35km east of Devin.


The name Devin you will find back in the whole of Bulgaria because of the popular brand of mineral water with the name Devin. As Devin is known of the mineral water, it’s also very famous of the hot springs and spa resorts in the area. As Devin's climate is described as having mild winters, cool summers with prolonged spells of sunny days, and the air is pleasantly cool and crisp, and humidity is normal, you understand it is a very pleasant place to stay.


The surrounding of Devin offers access to nearby gorges, rock formations, fantastic views, caves, forests, natural reserves with protected and endemic species, and most of all, clean air. Namely Trigrad gorge, the Devil's Throat Cave and Yagodinska cave. The Trigrad-Yagodina region has a karst scenery and has tens of other, albeit inhospitable, caves and rock formations. The protected region "Chairité" attracts visitors with an abundance of lakes, meadows and spruce and beech forests, one of which is called "the Drunken Forest" (Bulgarian: Пияната гора.) "Kastraklii", "Kazanite" and "Shabanitza" are natural reserves in the region around Devin with centuries-old pine and spruce forests and protected plant and animal communities. The Eagle’s Eye Viewpoint (Orlovo Oko) is a small platform on the top of a mountain with an amazing view and 760 meters straight down under the platform. The trip by jeep towards the viewpoint is highly exciting…. 


Also, the historical town of Shiroka Laka is a must to visit. Here it seems that the houses are glued to the mountain walls.” Having a walk true the narrow small streets, going steep up, and having the fantastic view over the town. Absolutely fascinating. A must see is also the natural phenomenon “The Wonderful Bridges” (Chudnovi Mostove). In the past these “bridges” have been one entire cave, formed under the destructive activity of the river waters. Parts of it were collapsing with time, forming majestic marble bridges.


As said before, Devin and surroundings have a fantastic climate. Not too warm in summer (between 25c and 33c) with many long sunny days, and not too cold in the winter (not colder as -10c normally). As it is quite a dry climate, you will love to spend some time here until deep autumn time (half of October).

What to do and see

The town of Shiroka Laka

Old historical town “glued” against the mountain walls. The road to drive to the town from Devin is already beautiful. It takes around 30 minutes to drive. Have a walk true the narrow steep streets and in the old center there are some cafes and restaurants. 


“The Wonderful Bridges” (Chudnovi Mostove)

This fascinating natural phenomenon belongs absolutely in the “must see list” for Devin or Rhodope Mountains. It is around 2 hrs driving from Devin, but on the way, you also will find the historical town Shiroka Laka. 


The Devil's Throat Cave

This cave is an amazing “theatre” when you enter. The stories told by the guide around the cave are fantastic, while walking true the “throat”. When you come out of the cave, a short ECO hike will bring you back to the entrance. Just in around 35 minutes from Devin.

Yagodinska Cave

This cave will bring you to the deeper spots in Mother Earth. The total length of the cave is around 10.500 meters long (you will not walk all the way) and there are living 11 species of bats in the cave. The cave is beautiful from the inside, with spectacular colours. 


The Eagle’s Eye Viewpoint (Orlovo Oko)

This is literally and figuratively the highlight of the Rhodope Mountains. The view from the small platform is amazing…. 760 meters straight down! The ride with the jeep safari towards the platform is also a fantastic experience, it takes around 30 minutes and mostly its real off-road driving. It’s also possible to hike, but it is a long not easy hike. The platform itself is 1563 meters above sea level. 


To be honest, the list of 5 must see/do is way too short around Rhodope Mountains and around Devin. We could have made a list of top 25 must see/do…. So just join us in these fantastic surroundings and we will show you the most beautiful sites!

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